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Welcome to the DNI (German Network of Indexers)!

If you are looking for an indexer, click here. Several members of DNI provide services in both German and English.

What is the DNI?

  • DNI is a group of indexing specialists based in the German-speaking countries and/or working in German.
  • DNI covers every aspect of indexing in the field of print and digital media – book and journal indexing in particular, but also web site and database indexes.
  • DNI aims to act as a gathering-point for all topics relevant to indexing and is open to everyone with a serious interest in professional indexing.

Purpose of DNI

  • Publicity: promoting awareness of professional indexing – both among the general public and in publishing companies and commercial companies
  • Contacts: expanding contacts among indexers and related organizations in the German-speaking countries and contacts with indexers and the related specialist organizations abroad
  • Practice: improving the quality of indexes in German publishing and in the IT field, particularly through services provided by DNI members to publishers, companies, and authors interested in obtaining professional indexes
  • Theory: promoting the theory of modern indexing methods – e.g., through publications, reviews, meetings, and helping to establish standards
  • Debate: establishing a focus for debate on every aspect of indexing – particularly methods, software, different types of index, and indexing of various genres and different types of media

Membership of DNI

DNI members stand for the following:
  • Concern with modern aspects of indexing
  • Awareness of the differences between subject indexing and concordances
  • Recognition that automatic indexing, using automatic interpretation of the text, leads to worthless results
  • A professional background
In addition, the following qualities are advantageous for membership of DNI:
  • Membership of another indexing society
  • Familiarity with the specialist literature and other resources
  • Participation in conferences, workshops, and other types of training event on indexing
  • Tools and software: everything from a shoe-box with index cards to XML is permissible, as long as the process does not involve simple extraction of text words

Please contact the DNI coordinator:

E-Mail: info@d-indexer.org
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